About QTBIPOC Design

Providing LGBTQ+ designers of color with free and accessible education, mentorship, and networking opportunities.


We strive to instill confidence in our community by empowering the next generation of QTBIPOC (queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, and people of color) with the knowledge and tools to excel within the design industry.


By educating and empowering marginalized communities through our workshops and masterclasses, we hope to make design teams more equitable by infusing the design industry with more diverse perspectives.

Core Principle

We make inclusivity and equity a practice rather than just a principle. We ground our everyday practices in creating a safe space for every race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, background, and disability.



We value transparency and truthfulness, even when it’s difficult.


We conduct our work with integrity and accountability.


We empathize, listen, and provide space for our community.


We accept that there are many ways to reach the same goal.


We encourage experimenting and collaborating in order to bridge communication.


Smiling person with dark hat and dark gray shirt, in the street with LGBTQ flags flying above
Steven Wakabayashi



After years of leading design and UX with many notable brands and agencies, Steven always noticed the lack of diversity within the creative teams. And in hiring, there was always a severe deficit of diverse talent. QTBIPOC Design was founded to provide education and community for those less represented within our design industry.

Headshot of smiling person with long hair and black clothing against a light background.
Mahogany Breaux


Operations Director

Mahogany is a UX Designer who is proud to represent her different cultures and offer a diverse perspective towards design. While participating in QTBIPOC Design, she hopes to become a voice for underrepresented groups and help deliver social impact to people in her communities.

Headshot of person with glasses smiling against an orange background
Liz Brown


Education Director

Liz is a UX Researcher and Human-Centered Designer. Passionate about treating all humans with respect, dignity, and love. She believes in communities that empower and support underrepresented people.

Headshot of person smiling against a city backdrop
Kenny Cheng


Community Director

Kenny is a UX/UI Designer passionate about advocating for diverse and historically underrepresented communities through design and social justice. He is excited to be a part of the QTBIPOC Design community and to be able to support other LGBTQ+ designers of color!

Smiling person with glasses and black top against a pink background.
Clarissa Diaz


Research Director

Clarissa is an analyst and professional tinkerer. She is passionate about creating educational opportunities for marginalized communities.

Headshot of person with large beard in a gray suit smiling.
Stefan Kovalik


Technology Director

Stefan is a UX designer and creative consultant with ten years of work experience, specializing in the conception, design, development, analysis, and improvement of user’s experiences.

Headshot of person with black beanie and clothing
Jaimie Lake


Creative Brand Director

Jaimie earned her BFA from the Communication Arts Department (2011) of Savannah College of Art & Design. With illustration and graphics design as Jaimie’s educational background, her recent endeavors include curating digital atmospheres by leaning on strategic brand identity.

Headshot of smiling person with black shirt against a backdrop of partially cloudy blue sky and water.
Ivan Lam


Experience Director

Ivan is a UX designer committed to inspiring and enabling everyone to fulfill their potential and live their best life.

Headshot of smiling person with glasses and dark shirt against a light gray background.
Wren Lee


Committee Member

Wren is a designer, storyteller, and activist using design to impact social change. They’re passionate about creating intersectional and inclusive spaces such as QTBIPOC Design to empower folxs in marginalized communities.

Headshot of a smiling person with vertically red and white striped shirt against a muted teal background.
Shan Naziripour


Social Director

Shan is an engineer, artist, and funny person. He believes people need safe spaces and QTBIPOC Design gives that very important space for growth and learning.

Interested in joining our team? Contact us at [email protected].