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Our Mission

Our goal…

Fortifying the pipeline of LGBTQ+ BIPOC creative talent into tech and other thriving industries through education, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

From career pivots to landing leadership roles, our organization empowers QTBIPOC creatives to break into and thrive in their careers.

We believe…

Empowering historically underrepresented communities is the cornerstone to diversifying our industry, and having a more diverse creative team leads to more innovative and inclusive products.

Our impact…

We’ve served 1,500+ QTBIPOC creatives since we launched (2020), and our UX bootcamp course has helped students build resilience and land their first jobs in tech and UX industry.

Our Community

990Newsletter Subscribers


  • 45-55% Open Rate
  • 3-10% Click Through Rate

270Private Slack Community


  • Private Slack community for QTBIPOC-identifying community members
  • Active channels for career advice, recruitment & job listings, mentorship, and building local meetup groups

1500+Attendees served


  • 45-60 average event registration (serving QTBIPOC attendees)

Why Sponsor?

Show allyship for our communities

Inform and inspire others to know that you are making a commitment to making our design industry more inclusive for QTBIPOC communities.

Improve diversity within your orgs

Increase visibility to your organization’s events, resources, and career opportunities to QTBIPOC creatives.

Improve talent pipeline of QTBIPOC creatives into your organization.

Transform the life of a QTBIPOC designer

Your sponsorship keeps our programming continuing, including our monthly UX Nights, quarterly Book Club, and annual UX bootcamp course, which has helped to place students in their first jobs in tech and creative industry.

Sponsorship Benefits

Advertising & Awareness

Highlight your organization to our community of QTBIPOC creatives & supporters

Website spotlight

Logo of your brand & link on our homepage

Website feature

Blurb on our homepage about your organization or product

Newsletter spotlight

Logo of your brand & link on our monthly newsletter

Event spotlight

Logo of your brand presented at the beginning of our event

Event feature

1-2 minute featured blurb or video played at the beginning of our events


Diversify your hiring pipeline & connect your opportunities with QTBIPOC creatives

Job Listing

Promote your job, internship, or apprenticeship opportunities to our community through our Newsletter, Slack, and Website.


Opportunities to connect and collaborate throughout the sponsorship together

Annual Check-in

1:1 check-in with your sponsorship and finding opportunities to improve the experience & impact

Quarterly community fireside

Invitation to our private fireside chat where we will share insights & ways of engaging with QTBIPOC creatives, and open Q&A with our community

Collaborative event

Invitation to collaborate on an online event together with our community

Schedule a meeting with us to learn more about pricing and benefits details.

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Ready to take the next step in supporting our organization and community? Schedule a meeting with us to learn more about pricing and benefit details.

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