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Code of Conduct

By attending any of our online and in-person events, you agree to our code of conduct.

QTBIPOC Design creates a safe and welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ BIPOC designers and allies. We are dedicated to uplifting marginalized voices and provide a space for those who may not have found it in traditional spaces.

QTBIPOC Design does not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind, including those related to gender identity or expression, religion, race, ethnicity, size, nationality, sexual orientation, ability level, neurotype, elder status, family structure, culture, subculture, identity, and self-identification. Harassment, intimidation, unwanted disruption, or inappropriate conduct will also not be tolerated.

We want our events to be a great experience for everyone. If you see something or hear something that is taking away from your experience and not abiding by our code of conduct, please say something! Please reach out to our QTBIPOC Design team at

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