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UX Bootcamp

Once a year, we hold a 12-week long UX intensive bootcamp for our community to experience a robust, educational curriculum to break into or elevate one’s career in the UX industry.

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Program Overview

A 12-week long intensive UX bootcamp program to educate about the basics of UX, design and research methodology, finding jobs, and interviewing.

  • Week 1: Course Introduction
  • Week 2: UX Fundamentals
  • Week 3: History of UX
  • Week 4: Design Software & Tools
  • Week 5: Planning & Research
  • Week 6: Design & UI Fundamentals
  • Week 7: Iteration and Workflows
  • Week 8: Designing with Equity
  • Week 9: Careers in UX: Interview & Job Applications
  • Week 10: Portfolio & Presentations
  • Week 11: Mock Interview & Presentations
  • Week 12: Graduation 🎉


  • Program duration: 12 weeks
  • Class format: Online class meeting on a weekly basis, with weekly assignments to be completed with a partner from the program
  • Level: This is a beginner-level UX bootcamp. Students with little to no experience or looking to solidify ad hoc learnings will benefit the most.
  • 2022 dates: Begins week of September 6, 2022 (after labor day) and ends week of November 21, 2022 (right before Thanksgiving)
  • 2023 dates: Summer 2023
  • Weekly time commitment: 2-3 hours of lecture & 15-20 hours of homework/self-study
  • Cost: Free for our QTBIPOC community
  • Pre-requisite: No UX experience is necessary

Next Cohort

Our 2022 cohort is now closed. Our 2023 UX Bootcamp applications will open summer 2023. Sign up for our mailing list to be informed of when our applications open again!

Important Dates

Application for our 2022 cohort is closed.

2023 applications open: Summer 2023
Applications close: TBD
Confirmation emails are sent out on a rolling basis until seats are filled.
Class begins: TBD

Meet Your Teachers

Everybody deserves accessible, quality education

Especially for our queer and BIPOC communities, breaking into or excelling in the creative industry shouldn’t be gated by expensive bootcamp courses or inaccessible professional organizations. The passion to create and conviction to thrive should be the only requirement to finding success in the UX industry.

We created this organization as our form of joy and celebration of our community.

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Who is this program for?

  • This program is reserved for those who identify as both BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or person of color) and LGBTQ+. To honor this space, please do not join if you are an ally. If you are interested in supporting the community, we provide space for allies who want to help us set up events and programming for our organization! If you are an ally please email us separately at
  • All attendees are asked to please read and abide by the QTBIPOC Design Code of Conduct.

Our collaborative design process

Design is collaborative, communal, and community-oriented. One of the core aspects of our UX bootcamp programming includes collaboration and being partnered up with one other student throughout the duration of the course. This has benefitted our students greatly in the past and we try our best to pair students together the best we can each cohort. Expect to leave our UX bootcamp better prepared with insights, lifelong collaborators, and friends.

How do I register?

Our applications for our 2022 cohort is current closed. To be informed of when our next cohort opens, sign up for our newsletter.


How do I get involved?

We love our volunteers & supporters.

  • Please consider donating to our organization. Each dollar goes towards helping put on programs such as our UX Bootcamp course & supplies for our community.

We are currently looking for these roles:

  • Graders

If you’d like to get involved, please contact us or email us at


How do I sign up for the UX Bootcamp?

Our applications for our 2022 cohort is current closed. To be informed of when our next cohort opens, sign up for our newsletter.

How do I donate to this program?

Your generous donations help to keep our program running! Donate through our online donation page.

How much does this course cost?

Our UX Bootcamp is provided free for our members through generous donations from our community.

How do I get involved with this program?

Contact us or email us at to learn more about ways to get involved with our UX Bootcamp! We are currently looking for folx interested to help us teach this course or grade student assignments.

For any additional questions, contact us or email us at