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2022 UX Bootcamp Confirmation

Wonderful news — you are invited to be a part of our 2022 UX Bootcamp program! To confirm your registration, fill out the following survey below.

2022 UX bootcamp:

  • Program: 12 weeks, Sept 6, 2022 – Nov 23, 2022
  • Lecture: Every Wednesday from 6-9p ET, 3-6p PT
  • Cost: Free for our QTBIPOC members

Class Format: Live, online class will meet on Google Meet on a weekly basis. This bootcamp is part lecture and part workshop: classes will be recorded and will have live transcription. There will be some time in class to do work, but you will meet outside of class with your partner to complete assignments. You will present homework assignments in class.

Time Commitment: Expect to dedicate approximately every week: 2-3 hours for lectures, 1-2 hours connecting with your partner, and 10-15 hours for homework & self-study.

Level: This is a beginner-level UX bootcamp. We will cover a lot but we won’t have time to dig very deep into advanced topics in UX. Students with little to no experience or who are looking to solidify ad hoc learnings will benefit the most.

Absence: This is a short, 12-week program. Each week is essential and builds on the previous week’s content. Because of this, we allow up to one absence during this program. If you will be absent for more than one class, we recommend applying next year.

Certificate: You will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing our ux bootcamp course.

Partner Pairs: One of the core aspects of our programming includes collaboration and being partnered up with one other student throughout the duration of the course. There will be a few design assignments to be done alone, but the core project case study will be done with a partner. This has benefitted our students greatly in the past and we try our best to pair students together the best we can based on information from this survey.

If you have any questions or cannot make the lecture times, please reach out to our team at