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We love our collaboration with other organizations who are also passionate and excited about creating a more equitable design industry.

To collaborate, please reach out to us.

Do you have a job that you’d like for us to share with our community?

Our Current Offerings

Keynotes and Guest Lectures

We do speaking engagements with universities and conferences about design equity – for both our products and design teams. Talks range from 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Corporate Workshops

We host workshops for organizations looking to empower their teams in building equitable creative teams and digital products.



We connect with individuals, teams, and organizations to offer consulting on projects and design ops.

Our Framework

We aim to create a more equitable outcome through two ways: establishing equity within creative teams and spaces we work in, and establishing equity in the products and services we create.

Equitable Creative Process for Design Teams

Establishing equity within our teams starts with reevaluating our everyday creative processes. In this talk, you will learn some of the pitfalls of diversity hiring, why they haven’t worked, and ways to create a more equitable creative culture that leads to more diverse thinking, innovation, and hires. We’ll share some of our QTBIPOC Design organization principles and methods that have guided us in building a thriving and diverse creative team and community.

Learning outcomes:

  • Encourage creatives to re-examine their ways of approaching diversity in the workplace and inspire them to make a radical shift in how they approach their everyday creative processes and culture.
  • Learn tactical solutions creatives can apply in their internal reviews, meetings, critiques, and delivery that shifts away from perfectionism and metric-driven processes to a more mindful, equitable, and innovative model.
  • Feel re-energized to hold safe space for one another that is less judgmental and defensive, and where challenging issues can be discussed without fear of conflict

Designing for Equity: Creating more inclusive and accessible products

As more aspects of our lives become reliant on technology, creating equitable products will be paramount to ensure that our diverse communities will be positively impacted by these new digital experiences. From physical disabilities to gender dysphoria, our digital products have the opportunity to enable and empower marginalized individuals when designed intentionally.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demystify some of the terminologies and hurdles around equitable design.
  • Learn techniques and methodologies to identify unserved communities, deepen empathy, and integrate equitable design practices into our everyday.
  • Explore inspirational case studies and break down how they are creating equity through their content and language.

Past Collaborators